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Best Portable Stove for Survival – Our Top 8!

There are instances that we may be in a bug-out situation. We will generally need to consume hot life-saving meals to satisfy our starvation in such an emergency case or during a week-long campout. The only thing that can help us here is to have the best portable stove for survival. Portable survival stoves are highly beneficial during camping, backpacking, hiking, or emergency preparedness.

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In this blog post, we reviewed and listed 8 of the most popular portable survival stove available in the market today. I personally tried and tested some of the following stoves below during my previous backpacking adventure. See which one will generally save your tummy from starvation for a warm life-saving meal!

8 Best Portable Stove for Survival

OUR TOP PICK: MSR Ultralight Stove

Product Name: MSR Ultralight Stove

Product Description: With an ultralight burner and a very handy fuel canister, the MSR Ultralight Stove is our number one choice for the best portable stove for survival. It is a great choice for most campers, hikers, and even backpackers. One of the excellent features that I love the most with this portable survival stove is the pot supports that come in the foldable form. The stove kit is sufficiently strong which gives support to a broad range of styles and weights of the pot. When it comes to its burner, it generally emits a sturdy flame that is highly adjustable that ranges from boil to simmer. Actually, when I try to use this MSR Ultralight Stove in boiling a liter of water, I was really surprised by its fast-acting mechanism. With as fast as 3 1/2 minutes, I already had my water boiled. Aside from that, this portable survival stove is also safe to carry. Its fuel canister is highly self-sealing giving an assurance that it will not leak inside your bag. Pressurizing, priming, and preheating will not be a problem as this MSR Ultralight Stove has an easy setup process.

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  • For traveling
  • Light weight
  • Easy to use


Being the top pick of adventurers out there, MSR Ultralight Stove has foldable pot support resulting in an easy-to-carry camping stove. And aside from being easy to carry, this stove will also give you a worriless cooking even on a windy day. So, satisfy your cravings with a palatable meal while you are in the middle of the wilderness using this portable survival stove.


Product Details:

  • Power Source – Gas
  • Applicable Fuel – Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH) – 5 x 4 x 7.25 inches
  • Product Weight – 0.16 lbs


  • The strong pot supports that come in a foldable type
  • Features an adjustable burner
  • With wind clip protection


  • The refillable fuel canister tends to be cumbersome
  • Not suitable for long days camping or outdoor adventure
  • A little bit costly


Coleman Classic Gas Stove

best portable stove for survival

Generally, this Coleman Classic Gas Stove offers a 2-burner stone powered by propane gas. Through that, this best portable stove for survival is also perfect for group camping especially when you have your RV. You can ultimately survive the wilderness using this portable stove because of its 20,000 BTU cooking power. Meaning, preparing large meals for groups in a camp is not a biggie.

When it comes to temperature and gas pressure, these two-burner settings are available in an adjustable form. There are also foldable panels that serve as a wind cover when you are cooking out on the open ground.

However, this portable survival stove also requires a propane canister that does not come along with this Coleman Classic Gas Stove upon purchase. So, this means that you have to buy the propane canister separately. Another cooking option under this portable stove is the use of an adapter and hose that allows you to connect it into a larger propane tank.

Product Features

  • Comes with accurate temperature control through the presence of two adjustable burners
  • With wind-blocking shield that protects the burner from the wind
  • Operates through a pressure-control mechanism to produce a consistent performance even under the extreme weather condition

Product Details

  • Power Source – AC/DC
  • Applicable Fuel – Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Material – Aluminum steel
  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH) – 4 x 21.9 x 13.7 inches
  • Product Weight – 0.2 Kg
This is box title

Ideal for group outdoor or emergency preparedness cooking


High cooking setting




Quite costly

Coleman Portable Camp Stove

Another top-rated product from Coleman, this best portable stove for survival perfectly fits in a bug-out bag. It generally gives you the ease of packing and transportation as you can freely separate its burner from the propane bottle, and supporting base. The assembled Coleman Portable Camp Stove has a single burner but is highly adjustable.

With a cooking power of 10,000 BTUs, this portable survival stove will provide a great tasting meal on the campground. Moreover, cooking will not also be a problem as any type of pot is suitable for it. So, this means that it can even handle pots measuring up to 8 inches wide.

Having a hard time cooking under extreme weather conditions? When using Coleman Portable Camp Stove you can cook with consistency because the pressure and the burner can be highly regulated regardless of the weather. The propane cylinder of around 16.4 ounces is ideal for use up to a maximum of 2 1/2 hours on a high flame setting.

 Product Features

  • With pressure regulator to have a consistency in cooking performance on the outdoor
  • Offer efficient cooking with just less fuel due to its flawless heat design
  • Include wind baffles to hedge burner against the wind for an optimal heat
  • Save space as each main part is removable to separate them for a compact storage

Product Details

  • Power Source – Propane
  • Applicable Fuel – Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Material – Aluminum steel
  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH) – 75 x 7.75 x 6.5 inches
  • Product Weight – 0.01 Kg

Ease of packing

Precise cooking temperature control

The firm support base for stirring security



Do not provide long lasting performance for days in the wild

Quite pricey

Esbit Folding Stove

Boasting for its compactness, affordability, and lightweight features, Esbit Folding Stove is, no doubt, the best portable stove for survival. It has a really simple design resulting in an easy-to-use cooking tool. When it comes to durability, this portable survival stove will never be out of the list because it highly offers a very stable performance that runs for a long time. This should be credited to its galvanized steel material.

Once you get started using this Esbit Folding Stove, you will find out the inclusion of the 6 smokeless tablets. Although comes in a small and handy size, this portable stove can still be folded down to easily carry it inside a backpack. So, if you are a backpacker, this stove is good for you.

The ultimate difference of Esbit Folding Stove from the other survival stove on the list is the use of solid fuel. With that, fuel spillage would not be a problem anymore. Still, you can sit around this stove and roast marshmallows over it. But, the main drawback is the high cost of solid fuel which may not be practical for some. Aside from that, it does not include any windshields so cooking may not be stable in extremely windy conditions.

Product Features

  • Highly foldable to a smaller size
  • With the inclusion of 6 smokeless tablets in which each tab boils half a liter of water in just 8 minutes
  • Each tablet burns and lasts for about 12 minutes
  • Allow two cooking positions for cups and pots

 Product Details

  • Power Source – Solid Fuel
  • Applicable Fuel – Fuel Tablet
  • Material – Hardened Galvanized Steel
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH) – 4 x 3 x 1 inches
  • Product Weight – 18 Grams
  • Weight (including solid fuel) – 180 Grams

Easy to use

Without fuel spillage

Perfect for backpacking



Solid fuel is too pricey

Not suitable for cooking in windy condition

Produces residues on pots

One tablet only last for 12 minutes

Gas ONE Dual Fuel Camping Stove

As its name implies the Gas ONE Dual Fuel Camping Stove makes use of propane or butane gas. The good thing about this survival stove is the availability of a carrying bag in the event of an emergency situation. With that, this best portable stove for survival is a great choice for backpacking and camping expeditions.

However, both fuels are not included in the stove package, so you need to buy them separately. What is included in the stove kit is the propane converter regulator. For the butane, it is available in an 8-ounce cartridge while the propane comes in a 16.4-ounce canister.

An automatic ignition setting is also present on this stove which does not necessitate the use of a lighter. There is also a heat regulator that highly satisfies your cooking requirements. The main highlight of this portable stove is the internal pressure sensor. This works by ejecting the gas cartridge automatically once there is irregular pressure.

Product Features

  • Available in a dual fuel option
  • Highlight a piezo-electric ignition that does not require the use of a lighter or match to ignite a flame
  • Comes with an adjustable heat controller

Product Details

  • Power Source – Propane
  • Applicable Fuel – Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Material – Metal or Steel
  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH) – 5 x 11.2 x 4.4 inches
  • Product Weight – 3.1 lbs

Dual fuel setting

Automatic ignition


Bulky for some ultralight backpackers

Complex assembling process

Coghlan’s Multi Camp Stove

If you are looking for a convenient and compact portable stove, Coghlan’s Multi Camp Stove is good for you. Using this best portable stove for survival will not require you for any wicks, liquids, or priming. Generally, this is the other option for survival stove in the list that uses solid fuel and includes 24 fuel tablets in the stove package.

With a simple stove design, the Coghlan’s Multi Camp Stove boasts its solidity and strength making it an easy-to-use cooking tool on the outdoor. You can easily and conveniently pack this survival stove inside a backpack because it comes in a compact size.

Product Features

  • No wicks, liquid, or priming needed
  • Compatible with any solid fuels like Sterno, Trioxane, or Hexamine
  • Includes 24 fuel tablets in the stove kit

Product Details

  • Power Source – Solid Fuel
  • Applicable Fuel – Fuel Tablet
  • Material – Stainless Steel Dip Tray
  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH) – 25 x 5.88 x 3.75 inches
  • Product Weight – 63 lbs


Easy to use

Compact size

Compatible with different types of solid fuel



The lightweight feature is not as expected


BioLite Original CampStove 1

BioLite Original CampStove 1 is another one-of-a-kind portable survival stove available in the market. Due to its well-made construction, it is generally perfect for any activities outdoor. One of the excellent features that make it stand out from the rest is the built-in power bank that it has. This means that this survival stove cannot only be used for cooking but also as a power source for USB-chargeable devices.

Once you use this BioLite Original CampStove 1 for cooking, you can have 1 liter of boiled water for just 4 1/2 minutes. However, it tends to be pricey but it is really worth buying as it serves more than just fire.

Product Details

  • Applicable Fuel – Wood
  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH) –5 x 5 x 8.27 inches
  • Product Weight – 0.94 lbs

Includes internal battery as a starter kit

With a built-in power bank




Failed to charge USB devices

Not sufficiently stable

ALPACA Outdoor Camping Kerosene Stove

Among the other survival stove product on the list, this is the one that uses kerosene. ALPACA Outdoor Camping Kerosene Stove is basically designed for outdoor and survival cooking in extreme conditions. Being a modern-day kerosene stove, it carries a weight of 5.2 kg which seems too bulky for some backpackers. Yet, this is a great pick for emergency preparedness on the campsite. This kerosene stove generally gives off 2,250 Kcal/h of heat power and can consume 4.2 liters of kerosene.

Product Details

  • Power Source – Kerosene
  • Applicable Fuel – Kerosene
  • Product Dimensions (WxDxH) – 325 x 325 x 340 mm
  • Product Weight – 2 Kg
  • Heat Efficiency – 81%

Increase cooking capability

Do not require consisting fuel refilling

Easy to operate



Too costly

What to Look for When Buying the Best Portable Stove for Survival?

Well, for a stove product to qualify as a portable one, it should offer an easy-to-carry feature. Aside from that, survival stoves must also be used conveniently on any outdoor activities like camping or hiking. It should also be highly available for use in emergency preparedness situations. Moreover, check for the following feature in order to land on the best portable survival stove.

1-Easy to carry

Depending on the situation in which you will have to use the stove, the weight of it should pass the portability test. For instance, if backpacking is your thing, a survival stove weighing 3 Kg is not a good choice. It is basically heavy for this outdoor activity especially if you will be walking for miles. On the other hand, that stove weight is already good for camping on the site or RV camping.

Moreover, portability also covers the ease of packaging. There are some stoves that come in a foldable form. Those models are highly suitable for carrying on a week-long camping adventure. Notwithstanding, lightweight backpackers often opt for a small liquid-fuel canister that can be fixed into a small burner.


Keep in mind that a survival stove should start to produce flame even with just a simple swipe of a match or a single click of a lighter. Additionally, if its features have disassembled parts, then you must have to do so without exerting too much effort. The user-friendly feature of the survival stove also entails the type of fuel to be used. Some models of pressurized stoves provide a fuel-ready set-up but ignition tends to be a little bit complex.


Generally, using any type of fuel entails the possibility of risks. But, choosing the best survival stove must offer minimal risk upon use. Remember that a liquid fuel stove should not be used if it has a high potential for poisoning or blowing up.

When it also comes to the safety of the survival stove, make sure that it is stable once on the ground. Pot support in the burner is also a good inclusion to have here. That is an example of the sound safety feature of a fuel stove.


In terms of survival stove durability, take a look at the following features and considerations:

  • Type of material – for instance, go for a stove made of metal to make sure that the stove is not easily corruptible especially on times of exposure to liquid fuels
  • Mode of fuel refilling – it is generally costly to go for a stove having a single-use gas cartridge compared to the refillable one
  • Functionality – the survival stove must have to maintain its functionality even upon exposure to extreme weather conditions


A reliable survival stove should light out easily once it will be used. Aside from that, it should remain firm on any weather conditions regardless of the elements like rain, snow, or wind.


When you try to look for a portable survival stove in the market, you will notice that the price varies. There are survival stoves that may generally cost you more bucks while there are other models that are basically budget-friendly. However, some features of the survival stove also depend on the price of the item.

For instance, expensive stoves for survival are very convenient to use and are highly durable. Lucky for you if you land on a stove that has an exceptional performance even with just giving off a small value of a penny.

But, taking the time you will spend on the outdoor into consideration will necessitate you to go after a more expensive one. It is actually better to invest in a pricey survival stove with excellent features as it helps you in saving more money over a long time period.

Frequently Asked Questions


A: A survival stove is an excellent cooking tool that should not be excluded from your emergency bag. It will generally help you out during such emergency situation as it can perform the following tasks:

  • Boil water to kill any harmful bacteria present in it
  • Cook up in the middle of the wild

A: A propane or butane gas stove is one type of portable stove that has gas canisters which can provide potential risks. Overheating of butane canister will most likely result in stove explosion and cause injuries. That’s why these stoves are commonly used for any outdoor activities.


A: Generally, kerosene stoves are stoves that are safe to use when cooking outdoor. Meanwhile, propane stoves, white gas, and alcohol may be safe to use in under-ventilated areas such as stove vents, fireplaces, or kitchens with open windows.

Final Words

During an emergency preparedness situation or outdoor adventure, the use of a portable survival stove is highly crucial. With that, it is a good idea to be knowledgeable on the different survival stove types and fuel types to be used. That way, you will end up in your decision-making and have the best option for any survival situation. Moreover, choosing a portable survival stove needs you to consider some important features such as durability, user-friendly, portability, safety, and reliability.

You also have the choice to pick a stove based on the applicable fuel that you will have to use on it. Decide if it will be good to use liquid fuel or a solid one. In general, following the safety precautions in using survival stoves is the key here. Keep in mind that your safety is the main priority rather than having a warm meal to satisfy your tummy!

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