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How To Prepare For Hiking The Grand Canyon: Things You Need To Have

Are you an individual who loves to do hiking with the whole family? Do you know how to prepare for hiking the Grand Canyon, to be specific? 

One of the best recreational activities you and your family can try is hiking. Aside from camping, this is also a good activity to bond and explore nature. Also, hiking is healthy for your mental health and physical as well. If you are an individual who is suffering from depression or anxiety, you can do this kind of activity. Through hiking, you can help yourself to divert your stressful mind into something productive. The fact is while keeping your body physically active can also help you to prevent heart disease, hypertension, and even lose weight. 

Another this also helps you to reduce the chance of heart attack. Whenever you are having a hard time with your body, then you must have to do this kind of activity to boost your confidence. On the other hand, one of the best places to explore and visit for hiking in the Grand Canyon. This is located on the northwest corner part of Arizona. This place is considered to hold the best spots perfect for your eyes when hiking. Knowing the fact that one of the reasons why we love to go on hiking is to be with nature. What are the things this place can offer? 

The place can offer a perfect view from the top down to a waterfall or camping site. There are different spots here in the grand canyon that you can try to visit. You can do it with the whole team, with your family or with your friends. Knowing the fact that having the special people in your lives is the best thing doing various recreational activities. 

Here are the things you should know when you want to explore the place of Grand canyon today. Try to have this in your bag, remember this for your convenience and safety at the same time. 


Things You Need To Prepare When Hiking In Grand Canyon


Winter Season/ Cold Weather 

  • Winter Boots
  • Sleeping bag
  • Gloves
  • Goggles/ Sunglasses

1. Winter Boots

When you have the plan to go on hiking boots is one of the most essential things to use and this will require you to choose supportive hiking boots. This can give you protection to your foot and ankle from muddy conditions, rocky and uneven surfaces, and cold weather.  Choose the boots that are water-resistant and waterproofs. Ordinary hiking boots cannot be wear hiking when it’s the extremely cold weather conditions. You must use one that is thick, midsole insulated against frost, bulky, and heavier than those for warmer temperatures.

Look for boots that are durable and the right fit. Same also with your socks that you will be using, boots and socks work together to make your hiking adventure more enjoyable and comfortable. 

2.Sleeping Bag

When choosing a sleeping bag for hiking choose the one that is comfortable and cozy to sleep with. A sleeping bag that is lightweight, warm, comes with a zipper, portable bedding, and compressible to the temperature outside that will keep you more comfortable to sleep at night. The sleeping bag is made of polyester material to keep you warm without over-heating.  By choosing the right sleeping bag will help you to protect yourself from extreme cold weather, injuries, and illnesses. Using the sleeping bag can prevent you from insect biting like mosquitos, ants, bugs, cockroaches, and other insects. 

3. Gloves

Knowing the fact that gloves are not only essential in hiking but it is also essential in any outdoor activities. These gloves are very important to use in hiking especially during cold weather to prevent your hands from freezing injuries, and extreme weather conditions. By choosing the right gloves for your hiking will help

Leaving your hands to exposure especially in extremely cold conditions will give discomfort and the worse is it can even cause a serious situation. Choosing the right gloves for hiking in cold weather conditions will help you be more comfortable even you experience some discomfort. Always consider using the one that is designed for cold weather, thick layered, windproof, waterproof, and leather palm to ensure a good grip.

4. Goggles or Sunglasses

Always remember to protect your eyes from the wind. Goggles or sunglasses are a necessity for winter hiking.  This very essential to keep your eyes protected from dust and the cold weather. There is an instance that you will experience that the wind will lift up flying particles like snow particles and will trash to your face but the worst is it will go into your eyes this can leave you potentially blind. When your eyes are exposed to a high temperature, wind and cold weather can cause eye pain, dry eyes, watery eyes, and blurred vision. In selecting safety goggles choose the one that has an anti-fog coating, double lenses for cold weather hiking, and airflow.

For The Summer Season (Accessories)

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglass
  • Boots
  • Thin T-shirt

1. Sunscreen (SPF 50)

When you love to go hiking but it is summer days? Sunscreen is one of the most essential to bring for your hiking activities. It is important to protect your skin from the damage caused by the sun. Knowing the fact that applying sunscreen when it is summer days can prevent sunburn and achieved adequate UV protection. Before going hiking make sure that you apply it to your face and body. The most recommended sunscreen to use is with SPF30 and higher.

2. Sunglasses

Summer days are best for hiking, but it is also important that you have your proper gear for eyes and face protection especially in the eyes area. Always consider using sunglasses when you go hiking. For instance, there is the flying object lift by the wind you need this to protect your eyes from the flying objects, dust and to protect your eyes from the ray of the sun. Exposing your eyes directly to the sun can cause eye pain and light sensitivity. Keep in mind that sunglasses is not only for accessories but to prevent UV damage to the eyes. Choose the material that is lightweight, UV protection. When you have your eye protection on probably you will enjoy your hiking and love the scenic view top of the mountain!

3. Thin T-shirt (To be layered)

Knowing the fact that hiking can be a bit physically challenging but also a great adventure. You should focus not only on other hiking essentials but also on proper clothes to wear and to pack. You must bring your extra clothes with you. Pack the one that Is lightweight, comfortable, not colorful, and can move around easily.  For instance, during your hiking, you experience a sudden change in weather, but if you bring extra clothes you can easily change them along the way. Even if it’s rain or shine it is important that you are prepared. Bring extra clothes that are preferred for hiking.

4. Hiking Boots

There are boots that are intended for summer. Make sure that you wear boots that can protect your foot and ankle to avoid sprain. Along the way, during your hiking, you can pass through a steep road. For your convenience make sure that you have preferred the right boots for you. Look for boots that are durable and can support your foot and ankle. When in summer and you go hiking, of course, go for the one that is lightweight, breathable, waterproof, sturdy, and stylish. By this, you are comfortable enjoying hiking even miles away.

Tips In Hiking In Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon View Deck


If you want to go hiking first you must prepare and do a to-do-list plan. It is very important that you have a plan for hiking. 

  •  Hike with a companion

Hiking with a companion is a must. It is never been recommended to hike alone especially in a grand canyon. There are a lot of instances that you are able to experience some unpredictable situations when hiking. This is the reason why we should hike with a companion. Having a companion when hiking is better, for instance, you will experience injuries and you need your first aid there is someone you can call for help. If you cant find a companion try to join a major travel group that can help you with your hiking journey. In that case, you will feel safe and comfortable.

  • Only bring what is necessary

One of the best tips for hiking is only to bring the things that are necessary.  It is advisable to avoid carrying too much weight to safer and enjoyable adventure for your hiking. Before going hiking you need to plan and do a list of the most preferred items to bring.  The most necessary items to bring are plenty of food, water, a first aid kit, extra clothes appropriate for the weather, and a hiking backpack.  Bringing this item makes you not worry that much about any emergencies or bad situations you will encounter for your hiking adventure. Of course, you need to carry your sleeping bag as well in case you prefer an overnight so that you are safe comfortably at night.

  • Always stay on the designed trail

Always consider when hiking is to stay on the designed trail. The main reason to stay on the designed trail is to prevent not from being lost. The importance of having a designed trail is to prevent the hikers to go to an isolated, uneven, slippery, or steep area. But if you realized that you are lost try to stay calm and not panic, so that you can think and make a new plan. Bringing a Map or GPS is very essential in case you are out of the designed trail this device can help to make sure you are heading in the right direction. Other than that to wait for your companion when hiking, in this case, you can assure that you are on the right trail. By doing this you are able to protect the environment from the harmful effects of your adventure.

  • Make sure you are physically fit to go hiking

Knowing the fact that hiking is a challenging adventure. You need to be physically fit because you will exert a lot of strength and endurance while hiking the grand canyon. You will be able to enjoy your hiking adventure if you are flexible to do all the trekking. But if you are not the type of person that is physically fit but you want to do some hiking there is a level in all types. You can start this by hiking in a low mountain and go for a short trail until you develop a stronger strength for a long trail. The importance of being physically fit is you are able to do a long hiking trail, you can survive in different weather conditions. There are benefits when doing hiking it can improve your balance, improve your blood sugar and blood pressure and lower your risk for heart disease. 

  • Know your capacity when hiking in the Grand Canyon 

One of the best things about hiking is to breathe the fresh air from nature. Thus, you don’t need to ask for fresh air and some scenery spot if your body says enough. Knowing that you are physically fit is not enough, you need to know as well your capacity. Your ability to reach a location and how far you can go. It is not important to insist and to claim you can do even if you can’t. In the end, your body will suffer. 

You need to assess yourself, especially if you are a beginner hiker or adventurous. When you are starting hiking as your hobby, you need to take steps one at a time. You don’t need to shock your body as it will result in the worst scenario. Whenever you are hiking with a number of people or with your family, it is important to check everyone’s capacity. 

  • You gotta dress appropriately

You need to remember that in every adventure or outdoor activity there are appropriate clothes for you to wear. Why do you need to dress according to your activity? This is for you to move properly and comfortably. Imagine if you are going on a hike and you choose to wear a beach outfit which is inappropriate. This may harm your skin for too much exposure and at the same time, you can’t have the chance to enjoy the adventure. 

Also, there is always a chance for you to get injured when you are not protected with your clothes. You need to choose the best dress for you to enjoy your adventure with friends or with your family. 

  • Pack all the essential emergency gadgets.

It is given that you need to carry your mobile phone with you for a lot of reasons. Whenever you decide to go on hiking in a grand canyon, you need essential gadgets. Why do you need to have this? For emergency, purposes to ask for help, and when bored whenever your group decides to rest in the meantime. Another reason you need to consider is to always check the temperature and the weather, and if there is an important alert or headlines. 

You can carry a solar flashlight or an emergency radio which has an NOAA weather alert. There are a lot of radios that you can find in the market or even on the online platform. Another gadget you can carry is a water purifier. You can’t always have the supply of water when hiking, you can bring a liter of it but not that too much. So, in response to this, you need to be resourceful. Just like when camping that nature offers natural water for every adventurous. To support people from this activity there are water purifiers that can help to cleanse and filter the water before drinking. What’s the best thing about having this, is you can always have the chance to drink whenever your location has bodies of water. 

  • Start to hike early

Grand Canyon has a lot of best spots for sunrise and as well as for sunsets. So, oftentimes people who wish to join a king activity here need to know the right time. One of the valid reasons why a lot of people love to hike is for them to see the different settings of sunrise. So, you need to understand for you to be able to see the real beauty of nature you need to be early. It is recommended especially during the summer season. You can get Vitamins D from the sun, however, there is also a limited time for you to get this. Being early is one of the effective ways to catch it. 

Most of the guides for the different hiking encourage groups of people whenever they start the activity to prepare early. Another reason is you can return to the area where you started with the whole group. 

  • Bring Junk Foods with you 

Knowing the fact that salty foods particularly calories is perfect when you want to do extreme physical activities. Calories can give you enough energy for you to fulfill the activity especially the hiking. You can now have your own reasons for you to take advantage of eating junk foods. 

Salty foods can help you as well not to feel bored when you take a rest from hiking. There are a lot of people who choose to carry this kind of food instead of sweet foods. As it is lightweight and at the same time it has benefits for your activity. However, Grand Canyon is one of the best places and cleanest so what you need to do is to be a responsible adventure

  • Always follow your tour guide or Ranger 

Yes, it is normal for you to create your own plan when you wish to do hiking. However, always rely on and consult your plan to your tour guide in hiking. It is very important for you to always follow them for a lot of reasons. One is your tour guide knows the place well, before you go there they already have been. They know where is the place or spots in Grand Canyon to see the sunset, overlooking view, and sunrise. Also, they know ell where is the perfect spot for them to capture great moments. 

The second reason for you to know is they are aware of your safety. So, never be bothered whenever they ask you where are you going as this is for your safety. You just need to follow their rules, this is suitable for various places not just in the Grand canyon. Another reason to consider is the fact that they know well their jobs enough for you to trust them. So, whenever you have questions about them with the place, please do not hesitate to asks. 

  • Research for the place 

Aside from the fact that you need to know the weather for that day, you need to know as well everything about Grand canyon. You need to make sure that you know well the rules and policies of the place. Also, you need to remember the schedule, the right time to go hiking, and the other options. 

It is also important for you to know if there will be an entrance fee or other fees so that you can prepare. There are spots in the grand canyon where you can stay after a hike. You need to know what are the essential things that you can carry there as well. Another important thing to know is the amenities the hiking place can offer for your safety as well. 

The map is also helpful when you want to look for the information that will help you throughout the hiking. 

  • Ask help from the insider if you are able to stay at night on the campground. 

Most of the National parks in every country are the ones which are the most visited places. Thus, when hiking especially in Grand canyon you need to know if you can stay at night and where is the best spot to rest. Rangers or insider will always anticipate the fact that they every individual would like to take the opportunity to stay on the campgrounds on the place which is the grand canyon. 

This will help them to take the additional experience for them aside from the hike they’ve done. They will be able to take for at least one night on the place and experience the perks of it. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are an individual who does love to hike, then you must master the things to pack. While having great feedback hiking in a Grand canyon, another chance for you also to enjoy and try the place. There are a lot of places where you can hike, and this one is exceptional. However, you need to remember that before you reach the top you have these things in your bag. To have great preparation for your recreational activities means that you can fully enjoy it and experience the perks of always being prepared. 

You must remember that aside from the things your body needs, you also need a first aid kit and other equipment for emergency situations. Hiking is one of the extreme adventures, you don’t know how the weather will cooperate with you. Also, you don’t know what harm will you encounter entering the place where you want to hike. 

So, whenever you find toxicity living in a busy city then you must try to refresh and recharge by hiking. Hence, you need to remember that before anything else always make sure that you have all the equipment that you need when hiking. 

Are you planning to try Grand canyon today?

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