Is Deer Hunting In The Rain Productive: Tips For A Beginner In Hunting

is deer hunting in the rain productive


Are you familiar with how to catch a deer? Is deer hunting in the rain productive? Learn how you can cope with the situation whenever you want to hunt a deer! 

Are you aware that a deer can be that active and even socialize with you during the rainy days? So, for the hunters, this season is perfect for them to catch a deer. Venison is known as the kind of meat rich in protein and could help you lose weight. Those hunters who practice their skills for most of their leisure time know what is the best season. 

However, it is not necessarily mean that the rainy season is the best for deer hunting. The thing is when the rain pours a regular amount and not the one which can cause flood in the whole community. When the rainy days are consecutive most of the deer loves to be just like when the season is summer. 

Why do a lot of people love to eat deer meat? Venison is said to be high in protein but low in fat, which is very helpful in losing weight. Despite its smell, many people like the taste of its meat. There are a lot of recipes that you can try whenever you are able to catch the deer in the wild. The meat of the deer is compared to the texture of the beef. 

But before you can enjoy the rich taste of the meat you will need to hunt.  You need to exert extra effort in deer hunting. For some hunters, they choose to go hunting during the rainy days. Take note that deer are active after several days of rain. They tend to go outside to look for food and to socialize in groups. In this way, this can be easy for hunters to hunt deers. With the right equipment at the same time. 

Here are the things you need to be aware of. 

Proper Gear and Types of Equipment In Hunting Deer (For all types of Season) 


This one is the most essential gear needed for hunting. Besides its safety, choose your hunting clothes that are appropriate for the weather and your surroundings. Choose the clothes that give you warmth and make you comfortable to go hunting. It also depends on the season. If it’s winter you must wear a hunting gear jacket. Many hunters preferred to wear blaze orange safety vests and an orange cap. This is safety clothing for you and some hunters to easily recognize each other. 

Of course, if you have already clothes thus you must also wear hunting clothes that prevent you from being noticed by the deer, In some places around the world, hunters practice wearing camo clothing to keep from the sight of a deer.


  • Rifle and Bow

Every hunter has their own choice of choosing the best equipment for hunting deer. The rifle is a commonly used weapon in hunting. However, there are other options when using equipment for hunting. The bow is also essential to use in hunting deer and could be an option in the absence of a rifle. it takes discipline and more practice to make sure that you can shoot the target. It takes a lot of patience by doing this and making sure to use the equipment slowly but surely. Knowing the fact that deer have a great sense of smell and great hearing senses. Most hunters spend more time hiding in the big woods. The best position in hunting deer is sideways, in this way they can have a better opportunity to easily shoot and kill the deer.

  • Binoculars

Hunting with binoculars would be a great help for hunters. You can watch the target even if it is far away from your area. The advantage of using binoculars is that whenever there is a deer is approaching you will be able to focus and easily see the hidden deer from afar. Make sure before you go hunting you must bring binoculars with you. If you don’t have this equipment you can miss a lot of opportunities by hunting the best choice of deer. For instance, if you go hunting and you plan to stay there overnight and you only use a headlamp, the target will be elusive. Unlike when using binoculars, it has night and day vision. Whenever you plan to hunt at night you can easily focus and hit the target without deer noticing you.

  • Backpack

When going hunting there are some important things to bring that could help you throughout the journey in hunting. Look for the backpack which is intended for that outdoor activity. Make sure that you have a backpack that can occupy your essential needs. Hence, not just look for big space but consider also the fact that you need a backpack that is durable enough. Knowing the fact that when you go for outdoor activities, always pack your emergency kit, water, food hygiene kit, headlamp, and a license for hunting. Choose backpacks that are big especially when you are planning to do hunting for more than a day. By this, you can put all your stuff at once.

You don’t need to worry about your personal belongings, as it is secured enough. There are a lot of hunting bags you can use today which is a multi-purpose one. The thing is you can use your camping, hiking and even when you climb on the mountain for adventures. 

  • GPS

Most adventurous people have a GPS in them, this serves as their map and guides them. It is essential for those who love outdoor activities like hiking, mountaineering, and hunting. This device is used to track the designated trail and location. When you have a GPS you can track and monitor the movement of the objects and some personal movement. This is the reason that GPS is better to use for deer hunting. You can monitor the movement of deer where it is hiding or located. Whenever you are having a hard time hunting a deer during the rainy days remember that you can have this device for your convenience. You don’t need to waste your time just to track the exact location of deer with your naked eyes. 

  • Scent Attractants 

When you go hunting, at the back of your mind you want to know some tricks and techniques to easily catch the target. With the scent attractants, it is possible to have a successful hunt in whatever season you choose from. Knowing the fact that hunting deer might be elusive. 

This would be a great help for you as you don’t need t waste so much time hunting a deer. Some hunters use a doe and back urine that is very useful. The fact that deer have a great sense of smell and these smells are very appealing to them. Make sure to spray the scent attractant to the woods that are near you, with you can control the smell of a deer and will go over you and success awaits. 

Tips in Hunting Deer

1. You need to be quit 

Aside from the fact that deer are sensitive to smell, they are also sensitive to sounds. In hunting deer, you must be quiet and watch your footstep always. Deer can be elusive whenever you plan to hunt with a group you don’t need to yell at each other when there is a deer approaching your area. They know the sounds of other animals moving through the woods and bucks, the same as the sounds of a human. They have a great sense of hearing, so you should expect that you will have a hard time whenever you always create a noise. It is not advisable to make loud noises while you are in a hunting location. Just like when you start to shoot the target as much as possible try to lessen your movement. When you start to use your bow you need to be extra careful not to make any sounds.

Oftentimes, that hunter who are pioneer in doing these things they advise beginners to just stay in one place. Staying in one place could help them to lessen the noise when hunting. 


2. Take an Ethical shot

How to be successful in hunting deer? Before you decide to go hunting make sure to be familiar with what is the best shot to killdeer. For some hunters, the best position in shooting deer is through sideways. This must be the quickest and easiest way to shoot and kill the target. When you take the bow or the rifle to do your shot make sure that you only focus on the target.

What you need to learn if you are a beginner in this field is to shoot one time. This only means that you need to shoot slowly but surely at the same time. 

3. Know the whole area where you want to hunt 

This thing is important, not just applicable for the people who do outdoor activities but also for hunting deer. Do you know where deer are usually located? When you plan to go hunting make sure you are familiar with the area or location you are planning to hunt with. Most of the time you can research and look online what are the best place for you to hunt a deer. Their travel routes, and where they usually go. Oftentimes deer during the rainy days are in a large group in one place, this is because they’re looking for food. With this, you will be able to plan ahead of time the exact location you will be going to. Also, this will help you to have the strategy that eventually will help you in hunting deers. 

4. Be prepared  

You must be well prepared in planning your outdoor activities, especially if you wish to go on hunting. Before you go hunting let someone know where you are heading to. Someone must know where you are going. For instance, if you get lost and can’t find the way back home, there is someone who can check you. Make also a to-do list so you can pack everything you need including food, water, a first aid kit, and some items that are essential to pack in hunting deer. Don’t forget to check also the weather if it’s good for hunting days.

However, if you are a beginner in hunting deer it is advisable to be with a group of hunters. This is for you to learn from them and experience the thrill of hunting with the whole group. There are instances that hunters make their own mistakes while hunting a deer. This is because they are not prepared with their actions, equipment, and other kinds of stuff as well.

5. Clear your area

Even if you are ready for your adventure you should the whole area for you to experience the convenience out of hunting. Some of the dry leaves, debris, and tree branches can make a sound. Deer are familiar with every sound they hear in the forest. Cleared areas can be successful in deer hunting. You can do this whenever there are no deer already in the place you believe they will come in a group. 

One you should be aware of this is you can use the time where the deer aren’t in the area all ready to take your position. When you wish to hunt not just one deer, you need to do this thing. This is one of the effective ways to hunt a deer. This must be essential for those who are just starting their work as deer hunters. 

Things You Need To Remember When Hunting Deer During Rainy Days 


  1. You should wear waterproof clothes

The fact is when it is raining the deer is not bothered anymore but hunters do. So, in response to the season, you need to make sure that you gotta wear waterproof clothes. This is for your safety and protection at the same time. Today, most hunters used tracking applications using their mobile phones. This is where they can able to track the place where the deer are mostly in. What is the best thing about it? You don’t need to waste your time looking for the deer’s location. You just need to turn on your phone and get the signal for you to start the hunting process. 

Wearing waterproof is important for you not to get sick and not to be irritated. There are a lot of people who feel so irritated whenever they are on rainy days. This happens when they exposed their body wet because of the weather. Also, this is for you to prevent hypothermia, this is not only applicable for the winter season but as well as for rainy days. 

2. Ensure your position to shot 

Most people use a hunting gun to catch wild animals in the forest. This type of accessory will helps you a lot during the hunting process. Whenever you decide to hunt with a group you need to make a plan in securing your right position. The thing is when the rain stops for a while then this is the time for the deer to look for their food in a group as well. 

They are much hungry and aggressive seeking food. You and your group need to take an advantage of this fact. You need to position yourself nears the group of deer. Get your gun with you, always make sure that you do it carefully. Deers are very sensitive to the sound humans can make. For them, sound means a threat to their lives and territory. If you get the right position for you then you can start your plan with the whole group. 

3. You need to stand by and observes their next steps.

Rainy days for most of the hunters are not good as they need to be wet and make efforts while the weather is tempting them to sleep. However, this is a smart move for every aspiring hunter. One of the most effective ways in hunting especially when it is raining is to keep in the right place earlier. 

When it is raining, deer are in the shelter where they can try to hide from pouring water into their body. After the rain, they will eventually go to the place where they always seek food. So, it is an opportunity for you to take, and be prepared in your position. 

4. You need to be patience

When it raining you need to be patient with it comes to deer hunting. You don’t need to worry if you have the best equipment for rainy days in the forest. Making sure that you have the clothes to wear which is waterproof. You have the gadgets for you to ask for help and at the same time, you have an emergency kit for unexpected situations which is very often. 

There are a lot of possibilities for the changes of the attitude of deer whenever you wish to hunt during rainy days. You just need to cope with it and this is by being patient. Another is you need to anticipate whatever chances will it be when hunting a deer. 

When you are in the right position to shoot but the deer moves in every direction, then you need to be patient with the situation. Hunting is never an easy task for you not to bring patience for this activity. 

5. Bring an emergency kit

Just like during summer, fall, and even spring season you need to have this in your hunting backpack. The thing is rainy days are an extra challenge for you hunter but not for the deer. You need to cope with the challenge of the weather and the environment at the same time.  

You need to anticipate all the possibilities when hunting a deer into the wilderness. Also, an emergency kit will help you to always be prepared. For instance, because you wanted to be extra ready you clear the whole area. While doing this, you get wounds. So, whenever you have your own emergency kit you don’t need to worry that much. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s a fact that a lot of us wanted to try various adventures. Besides hiking, mountaineering, camping, fishing, we also want to experience hunting. Deer hunting is one adventure you can do whenever you want to be in the wilderness. But have you ever think why a lot of people wanted to engage themselves in hunting a deer? 

Does deer taste good? Deer are delicious and healthy meat to eat. A slice of festive tasting meat that is rich in taste and texture. Its meat is also healthy as it is rich in protein and low in fat that is much lower fat than the other red meat.  There are a lot of ways on how to cook the meat of deer but the most popular dish in cooking the meat is making it for steak. You just add salt and pepper to the meat and grill right after. And of course, don’t forget to add salted butter to make it more delicious. 

Many people wish to try hunting as this can give them the right adrenaline and thrill at the same time. Rainy days is another kind of story when hunting. This is an extra challenge for you to face, especially in the wilderness. But you must remember that having the right equipment, the right people to be with and most especially the right tactics can help you a lot.  

When it comes to deer hunting there is proper equipment you need to consider. It is important that before you go deer hunting, you have to make a checklist of the equipment you must bring. This will help you to make sure you have the proper gear needed. 

Do you love to eat deer, and what recipe is your favorite? Do you want to try hunting deer in the rainy season to seek some adventures with your family or with your friends? 

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